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There are many reasons a person starts to gain weight, and unluckily not being able to shed them as fast as they have gained. Other than poor metabolism, pregnancy, stress and lack of physical activity contributes to adding of unwanted pounds. Therefore, weight loss supplements became the easiest and fastest solution presented to humankind. Popping pills might be the easiest way to shed the extra pounds. However, like any other drugs; they also come with side effects. According to Mary Szela, Senior Vice President, Global Strategic Marketing and Services, Pharmaceutical; Products Group of Abbot Laboratories, serious health risks can be the result for misguided use of diet pills especially without the prescription of a doctor.

Jitteriness, shortness of breath, or heart palpitations are the common side effects of diet pills. They may also not as effective to people with certain heart medications. Moreover, people with health problems such as anemia or cardiovascular disease might put their health to more risks. However, alternative supplements can be taken if you are determined to lose some weight with no or less risk. Supplements such as calcium, creatine, fiber, green tea extract, and whey protein promotes weight loss along with other health benefits. Calcium’s function is regulating a hormone that affects fat storage in the body. Studies show that adequate calcium level in the body increases the chances of weight loss faster to those who are also on diet. People who lack calcium tend to become more overweight.

Just like calcium that is best known for strengthening bones, creatine is also a known muscle-building supplement that also influences weight loss. It enhances improvements in body composition especially during strength building activities. Therefore, it is best to take creatine when doing exercises such as weightlifting. Fiber is one of the most popular supplements that also promote weight loss. There are two kinds of fiber that you can opt to take – soluble and nonsoluble. Fiber is also present in most food especially vegetables and fruits. It improves metabolism and plays as the intestine cleaner; at the same time gets rid of cholesterol and maintains blood sugar level. Those who are in high-fiber diet have normal bowel movement and leaner body.

Burn fats faster with green tea extracts. Catechins, one of green tea properties burns calories faster. It also acts as an antioxidant and improves cardiovascular health. As an expert in pharmaceutical industry, Mary Szela knows that there are other alternatives that your happy weight when all other diet pills fail.

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